My paint software

MyPaint is designed to be a lightweight painting program that provides a clean, minimal interface to let you focus on your work.

Above is my default workspace. Usually, I only need the panels for layers and brushes to the right when working, but you can also customize the workspace to have the color panel and/or the scratchpad using the icons above the right panel. The panels can be fixed to the right or appear as separate pop-up windows, which you can switch by clicking the small left/right arrow icons on the upper right of each:


Opens the colors panel and gives you a range of tools for color selection, including color wheels, fixed palettes and component sliders.


Contains the brush presets currently installed. You can quickly switch between different sets, organize your favorite presets and change the opacity, radius and hardness of the current brush.


Allows you to organize, duplicate and merge layers. You can also set each layer to different blend modes like screen, multiply and overlay.


Opens a small, separate window that you can also draw on. This basically serves as a smaller, secondary canvas that you can use for anything, like color swatches or reference pics.